Swaminathan and Subramanyam : One and the Same .




One Thing we must notice is the poorvashrama names of both Maha Periyava and Pudhu Periya is one and the same .

(ie) Maha Periyava : Swaminathan (Lord Murugan)

      Pudhu Periyava : Subramanyam (Lord Murugan). This is one more detail which says that both are one and the same.

Hara Hara Shankara Jaya Jaya Shankara .  


Hara hara shankara jaya jay shankara. 

A kind appeal to all. If anyone is having a good picture of periya in SANDUR (Karnataka camp). (ie) the photo in which periyava is sitting on a small rock and doing his anushtanam. I have attached the photos here.  Please contact me if you have. My contact details are as given below ,

Name : B.Yagnanarayanan

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